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@paritha Shah,

As per your birth details, you have born on tuesday, Uttara Ashada constellation 4th quadrant, Capricon Zodiac and Sagittarious Ascendant.

Reffering your birth details, you being an positive attitude person, every time endup with dual thoughts / two options even for an simple issues / questions. You are not very easily understandable personality to any one. You some time be very respectfull to elders and some times totally opposite and become arogant against them. And some times show very much keen interest about your beauty, in the sense some times you dressup very much with having very good makeup and some times totally opposite not at all interest in any thing and be little shabby. You wont keep up your words, whatever you would have told some body, just few minutes you will forget that and i can see you being very sharp at your words when you are in tempermental, you wont see whether the opposite person is who and he / she are elder or younger just breakout with your words which will hurts the opposite person much.And you wont give value for their feelings, however again you go back and feel for them when you are cool. You are an inteligent woman especially when it comes for business is concerned. And you are a good gambler to be frank.

As per your horoscope main thing which is showing delay in your marriage is Mangal dosh / manglik about 50% and lord Jupiter being associated with Saturn who is as well delaying the marriage. I can see the relatiionships which have broken till now are basically because of your words which had came out when you were in tempermental. And even after marriage you will majorly suffer because of your this attitude, being adamant in your talk and behaviour. So you need to see some guy who is as well manglik and more than manglik he should be calm enough to handle you, if not even that marriage will wont stay for long.

As per vimshottari, you are running with Rahu maha dasha from september 1997 till september next year 2015. I can see from last year march 2013 you are undergoing little health issues like cold, and other cold related health upsets which are not major. And during this period you mental tensions as well increased, no pease and unknown stresses which can’t be figured it out. And after  september this year 2014 and till next year september 2015 the time is not very favourable,  And you should be carefull as i can see your misbehaviour will increase and you will have misunderstandings and quarels more with your family and due to which you will find more losses as well And there are chances of you facing breakup again in your love / relationship during this time.

As per vimshottari from last year may 2013 jupiter is been placed in dushtana, by which you are suffering with some financial problems and other family related unhappines which is going to settle by after mid of june this year. And i can see just  from last month after 26th there is more love around the air, which is making you feel good and will be there till this month end.

As per me you will get married after september next year 2015. And it will be nice period as well for you to get involved in relationship. And by mistake if you get married before this, am sure it wont stay for long.

You have to follow Mars oriented remedies to get some positive vibes and forces your marriage.


Srinivasa Temkar