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No, I would not advise yellow sapphire to you.

Jupiter’s 5th aspect is on 12th house. And libra is positioned in 12th house. Jupiter itself is present in gemini and it’s not a sign of friend.

1. Can I get support from top gvernment officials, Bureaucrats, Politcians? I believe my Sun is weak.

I would not answer that here. read through point 5. You talked about liberation and also asking to whether past relations would support you…. I think it’s time you see thing with fresh angel, even the past relations. You probably don’t have realization that you have come through a death like situation where you are a new person today.

In past one year during Moon Mahadasha and Ketu’s antar dasha. You life gone through transformation like death where we enter into a new dimension, a new world of self exploration.

2. Does solar energy sector suits me? Sun is my lord in my kundali.

Whatever sector you choose… pick a segment that relates to beautification. can’t relate much, only if you can tell little more in-details about the options.

3. Should I wear ruby with Yellow sapphire?

Ruby is definitely yes. But would not suggest yellow sapphire. Why do I feel you already have some stones put on? Is that so?

4. Shall I have children in future ? If so when?

Good possibilities after May-2017; if you still have desire.

I am not sure but here is something which you might not have disclosed about past. Would not comment much about this.

But one-thing I would strong suggest again. Do spend sometime in serving old people. Whole life is based on deeds, good deeds done with pure heart is like insurance for this birth and next birth.

God fulfil absolute desires when count of good deeds are high. He does the best for us without we know. Refer to 5th point.

5. Is there any chance of divorce?

Can’t really say merely based on your Kundali. My understanding so far about the purpose of life is finding the purpose of life itself. Not everyone live for a purpose, however learning is a purpose too. Finding the purpose of life is the very first step toward the liberation from cycle of life and death; ultimate liberation.

Whatever situation is inflicted upon us is to learn and have a take away. I am not getting into right and wrong because by end of one life it all consolidates and it’s too complex to talk about in this forum.

Often we get stuck in moments and lose focus on bigger things.

One day, one of my client asked me “I want to have money, and that’s all what I want”.

I asked him “how much”

He said, “hmmm so much”

again I asked him, “have a figure, think and tell me how much money do you want”

He said after a lot of thinking, “10 cr”

I told him, “that’s it… 10Cr. it’s merely nothing. It’s get over soon and even sooner if you move to city where cost of living is ever higher”

It was not exactly desire for money. Because absolute desire for money is not driven out of another desire.

He had desire for a home a comfortable life….. now the catch is, how he knows that a home and comfort would satisfy him. In-fact he did not, it was just surrounding which made him have desire to be like other (appearing happy), and then desire for happiness and then desired to get that happiness from money.

What I was trying to tell him is that, happiness is all within. just matter of having perception and developing a habit. Desire should be absolute then only it get fulfilled. let’s say, if he had absolute desire to mint money… nothing wrong. In-fact, he would become like that and mint money by hook or by crook.

On the other hand, if his absolute desire to have happy life and never the money; he would never be able to make exactly that much money which he believe could by him happy. because, it’s not absolute desire. Rather he’ll figure out way to have happy life by knowing the purpose of life better… sooner or later. There might be a point where he starts thinking that money is absolute happiness… yes he’ll mint money then.

I have seen when people want money to satisfy their other materialistic desires, they make exactly bit lesser money than they want to. This happen because they never know what would be the exact amount.

Absolute desire has an end like a dot (.) . dependent desires are endless like a circle.

We see difficult situations as curse… rather in long term, these situations are actually bliss because they shape us. Unfortunately these situations remain there troubling us until we learn from them.

I hope you would be able to make some sense from this experience of mine to understand your married better.

I don’t think there is any divorce thing. However, you might be having such feeling due to

  1.  You might have got married into family with better status.
  2. Dull married life with lesser excitement.
  3. Lesser emotional involvement.
  4. AND the thing which is playing negative role in your marriage is your idealistic view of marriage. You could be deeply passionate about relation and see it with much deeper and matured romantic perspective; which is missing in practical life. There is hardly a happy married couple out in world. Man and wife, they complement each other and they must. Leaving marriage and walking out of relation on name of stars won’t be good idea.

Based on kundali, no astrologer can say that there is divorce… however, after divorce they are say what might have caused it. That means, better we understand the purpose of life, better we serve it and take it as it comes. I won’t go in much complexity. But one thing I can say, if you don’t want your marriage to break… it won’t. No start is so strong that would lead to separation. Yes the feeling of separation you definitely need to work on.

Do you do some yog, try kapal bhati and bhramari. They are really good I bet.

Based on Kundali, one thing I could definitely say is that lower position you give to you female figures in life, worse it would be for your job. Give unconditional love and respect to your wife, I bet you might see dramatic change in your career.

You are not really a kind of person who should disrespect woman but if at all it’s happening, Better control this.

This would take you to liberation and get you in good job.

I would repeat again (as you are in late 30s and mature enough to understand, I can say it now), purpose of your life is to get rid of anger/hate/liking/disliking.. in sort calm down to be courageous enough  to accept anything. and then love everything that you have; realize the beauty around you.

Mars and Venus are your two important karak.

6. Is there any chance of progressing in spiritual line and attain enlightment?

Check in point 5.

7. Is not 12  mukhi rudrakshya suits me?

Yes.. put on 12 mukhi rudraksha in combination with ruby (ruby in finger).

Chant mantra “Sri Suryay namah, Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namaha”