@Musale, Thanks for the



Thanks for the information.

Jupiter is too strong, yes, do not wear it. It will bring more Jupiterian qualities in you, wisdom, honesty, religiousity.

It is already under the aspect of Sun (ruby). Sun is the lord of your ninth house of bhagya and luck, religion too. Sun also stands for integrity and soul. Secondly Sun is under the aspect of Jupiter too, thus in your case when you wear Jupiter and Sun (yellow sapphire and ruby) you actually invite more troubles as you become more righteous, morally sound and aware, honest, wise, more integrity oriented etc., these things nowadays invite more troubles in the material world rather than success, at least in the short term. In search for long term results after pain, you can then wear these gems, the decision lies on you, what you wish to get out of it.

Emerald should be discarded too, as it is badhak (obstructive) for you as per your Lagna/Ascendant.

If at all you wish to wear but also not get the possible effects of Yellow sapphire cum Ruby, wear them in a manner that the do not touch your skin, like applying wax under the gem (your jeweller will know better). You can also wear the emerald in this manner (if it is plugged rom underneath), otherwise do not wear any gem.

Wishing you good luck and May god bless you.