@ Musale, Morning i was using


@ Musale,

Morning i was using an different device to cast your birth details, where your few planets especially Rahu (Northen node of moon) and Ketu (southern node of moon) were changed as they were in bhavantya due to Longitudinal and Lattitude few minutes changes. Now when i casted your birth details in my reqular software as per that you had and will grow well with business pertaining to rahu. And from as i told before from may 1998 you started looking in to business and finding success in to it.

You had mentioned above about started business of housing development, I hope you would had started that it in an wrong vimshottari which is between last year february till december. And as per your dasha is concerned it seems to be not too bad.

Referring to your transit, you started having tensions related to your health and partnership, family, love life from 2010 till april 2011, after which you started finding some financial loses, business related more tensions, more lose and lose profit making seem to be an very less from may 2011 till jan 2013. And from aug 2012 till now what i can see what ever the effort you put will struck very lately / your projects or business works are getting delayed every thing are being dragged like an mega serial. And most of the time you would have faced in your business almost workorder coming to your hand an just escaped with some small silly reasons. And this is due to the transit of lord shanishwara / saturn in libra. As libra being and business house in your horoscope and the business creators as well are poisted in the same location in the transit you are able to see more troubles.

And for your question regarding land oriented issues i hope you would had taken this during the above said saturn transition time. One important thing i want to clear saturn and mars are deadly against enemies. And for any property, land dealings, construction mars is the planet who significies it. In your horoscope mars is been positioned weak not up to mark. And more over you would had started that land related works during saturn transition where he is literally stopping mars giving his good vibes coming to you, instead creating land / housing business related problems.

What i would recommend is, the route cause for your problem is the planetory transition due to rahu, ketu and shani. And for which if you wear yellow sapphire doesn’t at all effect, it is just nothing but taking fever medicine for stomach ache 🙂 And ruby whose planet is Sun who is positioned in 10th house in your horoscope which is related to professional life, as you are more in to business due to rahu position in 11th, being rahu enemy to sun, if you try to wear ruby i am dam sure your business start getting grahan. No input no output. As ruby will start reducing rahu’s good effect. Let me clear you hear like rahu placed in 11th house really gives out very good result the person born with this will start accumulating more wealth health etc. And Emerald its mercury who doesn’t gel with your ascendant lord, and if you wear that you might start finding misunderstanding between your partners and love life along with which you could also even find health upsets.

So what i would like to suggest you is wait till november this year after which saturn will change his zodiac to scorpio where your business issues should come to normal. However later your sade sath shani is gonna start which is an another kinda stress full life ahead for you. To gain resistance from saturn you can do any as below

1. Wear Blue sapphire on middle finger. On auspcious muhurtham with properly energied (you can refer my post in this website on this)

2. Along with this if you have time you can read hanuman chalisa and visit hanuman / shanishwara temple every saturday’s after 6.30pm evening and offer black sessame seeds oil lamp.

3. chant OM PRAM PREEM PROUM SHA SHANISHWARAYA NAMAHA!!! FOR atleast 8 times in evenings.

4. visit Durga temple on tuesdays and offer puja and get archana for atleast 7 weaks.

Do this above said remedies you should able to reduce your stress and problems.


Srinivasa Temkar