@Molay chakraborty See i have


@Molay chakraborty

See i have mentioned about this prasna kundli based on your query time and direction max to max it will give hint about your problem / question. And i am very much sure it should be almost right. And this is not horoscope to revisit only once it is been seen.

I meant you having two thoughts / option at the same think you will be fickle minded person and its doesnt mean you will have dual talk please read my post carefully. And i have mentioned you are person stands for justice which means you stick for your words.

And i meant if you would have done business you would have faced problems its good you didnt did. And regarding service i meant you will be doing different new kind of work / multi talented related to work environment.

You tell yourself optimistic however you also spend quite allot. If you would had done business you would had financial trouble.

I hope i solved your misconception of my post.please do follow the remedies mentioned to come out of the problem


Srimivasa Temkar