@ Molay Chakraborty, As you


@ Molay Chakraborty,

As you didn’t had proper date and time, i have casted the prashna kundli based on your query timings. 

As per this prashna kundli, you are negative minded person, having everytime dual thoughts / options everytime. And you are an egoistic person, self prestige and been on justice and good deedfull things till now.  At the same time i can see you being weak in numbers / mathematics and having bad habits and friends too. Even you dont like to work under anyone and you should have been in business, which was all the time giving 50:50 results, some times up and some times down, and most of the time it would had created an big hole in your pocket. And i can see you being involved in many works / business till now. And due to this income realted matters your health as well going down day by day. I can see you suffering from blood pressure (most probably towards lower end), skin diseases, artrities, bones realted problems, knee or joint related problems, stress realted diseases. 

As per now i can see you facing more financial, health and family related stress and tensions more from past 4.5years and from last 25th of december 2012 later on your income source is gone almost nill. and i can see no happiness remaining in the family side. Every one are almost against you / you dont want to mingle with any one. And stress levels are due to transition of rahu and where you can get some peace from mid of july 2014 onwards. And you start slowing geting out of all sorts of pains and sorrows after this year november 2014 and completely you will feel ok after july 2016.

Even as per the vimshottari you are running with mars and saturn antar dasha which will cause you more health problems especially blood related and joints related from march 2012 onwards and i can see you had some more stress full life from march 2012 till april 2013. and after that some sort of relief you are finding it after last year april 2013, which i can see is been vanished now and once again your stress full and unhealthy situations have been started by this month 2014, which will get ok by next year. However proper time is expected later september 2016.

I would like to suggest you to just weary ruby and yellow sapphire properly energiesed, on ring and index fingers of right hand. Along with this try to read every day evening / atleast every saturday evening hanuman chalisa / pray below mantra for atleast 8 times. please dont wear amethyst and emerald they are not favourable to you

OM PRAAM PREEM PROUM SHA SHANISHWARAYA NAMAHA!!! facing west for 8 times minimum


Srinivasa Temkar