@ Mithun Choudhary, As per


@ Mithun Choudhary,

As per your birth details, you were born on Wednesday and your nakshatra is Magha 4th quadrant and Leo zodiac. If I study your horoscope, you are having Kala Sarpa dasha along with Kuja / Mangal dasha due to which your income is less than your expenses. And most of the time you end up with losses due to your bad friends. You will easily trust friends, however they won’t be loyal to you instead they cheat you. 

And for your question of using Blue sapphire, my advice is to not at all wear the blue sapphire reason being your ascendant Leo. And if you wear you end up with health issues which is not good. And what I can see is wearing Garnet and Cat’s Eye doesn’t fruit filling you wishes.

Hence, my advice to you is please tell me for what problem you want to wear the gem; Is it for financial stability, or love life or marriage? So that I can suggest you the right gem.

God Bless!!!

Srinivasa Temkar