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As per my knowledge and based on our ancient sages no where they have specified mix of yellow and blue saphhire / pitambari neelam. I can in recent time few astrologers who themselves are gemologist are recommending / emphasising more on this mix gemstone. Sapphire family of gemstones available in yellow, blue, pink and white color gemstones. And when you can’t be able to further separate these two colored stones separately, the mining people may started finding losses, as no body wants to buy these gemstones, i think later only by the help of few so called astrologers they brought it a new name as pitambari neelam, where you can benefit two planets effects in the price of one. Its the simply marketing trick as buy 1 get 1 free. If you see by astrology point of you, saturn and jupiter are mutually properly neutral. And in one’s natal chart both may be poisted well or one may be poisitioned well and another bad. So if you wear saturn and jupiter remedy then you endup getting different effect / no effect or benefit from it. And some time it will give out very much adverse effects. As per me even dual energies can’t enter in to one substance, its higly illogical. Even while energiesing the gemstone you can’t energise two different planet energies. I hope if you would have not forgotten, just few years back there was very much in name the product set out by the jewellers which is Navaratna gemstone ring. Hope you remember, a person can’t have all the 9 gemstones related to 9 planets set in one ring. And how about the anti gemstones which should be wear it together viz coral with blue sapphire, ruby with garnet hassonite, pearl with cats eye, yellow sapphire with diamond / white zircon etc.. Now these guys to see there unwelcome product for astro use, they are marketing it like this.

Any gemstone whether its fine or normal, its effects remain the same. Only the lifespan of the gemstone is increased based on the fineness of the gemstone. However even if you wear the world’s costliest gemstone and didn’t follow the basic lifestyle which has to be followed after wearing the gemstone, will reduce the lifespan ofthe gemstone. Like if the gemstone lifespan say would have been for 2years, it will reduce to 2months and some times if heavily effected with surrounding negative energies then it may last for only few hours after wearing the gemstone.

Please remove your wrong belief that after wearing your gemstone it will create a miracle in your life. Basically the gemstone will be neutralising as far as possible it could the effects of the planet for which you are wearing the gemstone. It can’t change your faith completely, only it will reduce the magnitude of the evil effects of the planet as per one’s natal chart. However you can see the effects gradually and some times little quicly mainly based on how much you are dedicated to the gemstone in following the lifestyle strictly the gemstone desires. I know now a days in the market few so called astrologers state and give validity with in 3 months 6 months you will be rich you will be intelligent kind of advertisements. Beaware all these are marketing strategies thats it.

I am a person who love to give the real picture to my believers / followers. Even if it is good / bad. Even the astrologer should be like this as per our ancient sages.


Srinivasa Temkar