@Khilna, After going through



After going through the post, I would like to know if you can sketch a clear map of your house with direction and post it here. I am not a Vastu expert but I know one. I will ask him to have a look and if required mention some remedies.

As planets affect our life and wearing certain gemstone and doing pooja adds positive energy on us which is called as remedy. Similarly, another powerful remedy (earning positive energy) is to clear our mind and negative thoughts for which one can do yoga/meditation.

  • You can go for a Basic Art of Living course (3 to 4 days with 3 hours each day morning or evening). More info at: http://www.artofliving.org/ke-en/nairobi (this is a low priced paid course)
  • For a much stronger peace and calm of mind you can go for a 10 days meditation retreat. More info at: http://www.ke.dhamma.org/ and http://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/noncenter/ke (this is a free course, they don’t charge for anything – everything is free including food, lodging, guidance etc. but you will have to stay there for complete 10 days with nobel silence). <– VERY EFFECTIVE!

I would definitely recommend you to go for a 10 days meditation retreat when you feel so. It will be such a STRESS (negative energy) buster and HAPPINESS (positive energy) gainer that you cannot imagine. You will be a NEW YOU!

P.S.: I don’t post much on forum these days as I am doing background monitoring only, but I had to put my two cents to this post.