@KASH, An advice, please



An advice, please mention your place of birth like city which will help in accurate calculation of horoscope.

As per your birth details, you are born on Sunday; Star – Punarvasu 1st Quadrant with Gemini zodiac. From my knowledge, I can say that you are undergoing some personal problems like marriage, not being able to settle down in work life properly or either business is not doing well. And most of your financial problem seems to be due to ignorance, lack of wisdom, wrong selection/choice.

At present I think the suggestion provided by your astrologer is not helping you. Just by wearing Emerald and Yellow Sapphire will not solve your problems at the moment.

Regarding your question; Yellow Sapphire is significator of Jupiter and Emerald is significator of Mercury. Both mercury and jupiter are placed in 12th house in your horoscope (kundali) and since they are permanent enemies if you wear both of them at the same time you may end up with more unfavourable situations.

Can you please tell me for which exact problem you want gem therapy for? I certainly want to help you out.

God Bless!!!

Srinivasa Temkar