I would not suggest Gomed.

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I would not suggest Gomed. Rahu dasha would make your to do anything to satisfy your desires. Though plans could be more airy than based on fundamentals of practical life;  Though it’s good, as it’ll make you scale and think to satisfy your desires now; But you need support and courage within to execute these plans. 

Saturn in your Kundali is debilitated and rather strengthening your enemies and might be causing stomach related problems. You are going through the Rahu/rahu/saturn ptrayantar dasha and no surprise if you get into stomach related problem intensifies. If so, it would last till October End 2015. 

See, your enemies are strong and if you attach with anyone emotionally in work place would be disaster for you. The most trusted person in your work place would double-cross you. However, you might have gone through these situations very often but stood still due to strong will power (and felt lucky too). 

Rahu is in Aquarius and it’s maha dash would give benefit in first half of the dasha. 

Regarding your job. Wait till October, you would start seeing changes related to promotions, income rise and good time in your career. I see there is a sudden event in your career between Nov 2015 and March 2016. This might happen in month of Nov 2015 and jan 2016. 

I am sure your life partner is lucky for you and much have seen sudden rise in income after marriage. I can see that her past life good karma are supporting your big time. 

Suggestions. You can put on Cat eye in Ring finger. Ketu is nicely positioned and makes you ambitious, courageous