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I am presently wearing Opal in right index finger and Emerald (Panna) in right little finger from past three years. Opal is of 5 carats and Panna is of 5.25 carats.

I am also wearing a Blue sapphire (Neelam) light 6 carats (of very light quality) in left hand middle finger as when I am wearing this blue sapphire in right hand middle finger it is making me more sick and getting disease.

Presently, my blood pressure shooted to maximum and I am totally on rest. Please give me some remedy to control my B.P.

Ketu is troubling me a lot and both the times in May 2006 and in August 2013, during Ketu Paryantar dasha I got Leptospirosis which by God grace I survived. Please give me some powerful remedies for ketu planet. Cats Eye will be harmful to me or good?