Hi Prasadraghavendra,

According to your horoscope you are Scorpio ascendant ruled by Mars. You are born in the Poorvaphalguni nakshatra ruled by Venus. Currently you are going through Mars Mahadasha which will be operational till 23/08/2019.

Moon being posited in the 10th house is aspected by malefic planets. You may wear a Natural Jyotish Pearl / Natural Jyotish Blue Moonstone for Life Long. It will give you mental peace and improve your concentration. It should be set in Silver and worn in Right Small finger on a Monday of a shukla paksha in the hora of Moon.

Also Jupiter is posited in the 5th house in its own sign Pisces. This position of Jupiter allows you to wear a Natural Jyotish Yellow Sapphire / Natural Jyotish Yellow Topaz / Natural Jyotish Heliodor. It will help you progress in your education. It is worn in Right Index finger in 22k Gold. It should be worn on a Thursday of a shukla paksha in the hora of Jupiter.

Avoid gemstones of Venus, Mercury and Saturn.

Thank You