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No offence to anyone. But I would not recommend blue sapphire to you. Because of it’s 3rd aspect on Cancer Sign in 11th house. 

The reason is, Saturn positioned in 9th House in Taurus. It’s in conjunction with moon. You have put on emerald that is fine. 

You are going through Jupiter Maha Dasha and Jupiter is nicely positioned in conjunction with mars. It’s debilitation is cancelled as mars is exalted. Since 2013 till Aug 2015, Saturn’s Antar Dasha was running. how was this time overall? Did you have issues related to social sides, friends, income, mother’s health (if she stays with you)?

Instead of blue sapphire, I would suggest diamond. Venus is lord of 2nd and 9th house and it’s exalted in 7th house. 

No surprise if you are into business and it includes too much travelling for long durations.