Hi Tina, As per the birth


Hi Tina,

As per the birth details you  have born on Friday under krittika constellation and Aeries Zodiac and Scorpio as Ascendant.

You are running under rahu maha dasha from february 1997 till february 2015. From last february you are undergoing too much mental strain and financial losses and service related inability and some issues which are not favourable to you. This will continue till february next year 2015. After february 2015 you will be having very good time and there will improvment in materialistic comforts, luck factor, and reduction in loss and credits.

As per planetory positions you are running with lot of mental stress and unwanted delays in any work and uncomfortable feeling from last 25th december 2012. And this will be over by this mid of july 2014. However after this period you should be cautious as the loss period will going to start after this for next 18 months. And after this november you will start up with Laghu sade sahti / Astma or kantaka shani for next 2.5 years which will be very troublesome to you in all aspects so better startup with remedial measures of saturn as soon as possible.


Srinivasa Temkar