Hi Tapan,  Though you have


Hi Tapan, 

Though you have not mentioned place but considering Kolkata. Place won’t matter much except little angle differences in planatery positions. Followign would be my analysis:

You are Taurus Lagna, Mars positioned in 5th house and it’s lord of 12th and 7th house. In conjunction with Saturn in Virgo. Mars is in debilitation in Navamsha. Red Coral (Moonga) is strictly avoided. 

Being Taurus Lagna, should avoid Ruby as well.  

Following is what I would suggest:

1) Cat eye in index finger of working hand. This is because, Ketu is good in Jupiter signs, specially, when Sagittarius which is fire sign and belong to sattiwk guna. Avoid Gomed as rahu is already being watched by  Saturn confining you within limitations to do righteous things. 

Cat eye or lahsuniya would help you in realizing the knowledge that you carry from past life. You could be an amazing businessman (might have strong feeling) but nothing happening so (as you mentioned). 

Though Ketu is present in 8th house, which is house of death 🙂 if I say death is nothing but transformation within whether it’s life, thoughts, realizations. So transformations are not bad as long as they happen on right time, for right things.  

2) Blue Sapphire in middle finger of working hand. This would put you to work and work and work. You have slow but steady success. 

3) Do good deeds and lots of charity work. Help elderly people. 

4) If you mother is still there, make sure you keep her happy (Seva Bhav). This would bring emotional stability. 

People who seems to be harming you would in-fact indirectly lead to you profit.