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Hi Swati,

Thought to write little more about your astrological chart. Adding more to above post:

No surprise if astrologer often don’t talk much about your kundali or give any suggestion. 

You might be emotionally impulsive and often taking hasty decision to separate yourself from everything. Often believe in your intelligence but land up having a lesson as if every intelligent step is leading you to wrong direction. But if you notice there is a take away from every step or so called wisdom. You you might have strong desire to just go on travelling for learning. But a the sometime feel very constraint to execute any of the desire. 

I don’t doubt that you are very intelligent and have very good memory. 

You need to unlock your psychic strength (or become emotionally stable and strength your soul). Do kapaal bhati as suggested in earlier post. 

You are running through Ketu mahadasha. Avoid pearl if anyone suggest. Though debilitation of the moon is cancelled but moon itself is malefic. 

Chant mantra “om sraam sreem sraum sah ketave namah” 

Put on a gold chain or some gold item. 

Keep your hair tied up. Make a small “Choti” of your hair (to keep it stylish as wel)