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Hi Srinivasa you have opened the book of my life till date here, this is just awesome thank you very much for this wonderful explanation. I have been asked by atleast 3 astrologers to wear neelam, and somewhere in my consious mind for many years it is asking me to wear neelam. Can I wear it? Will it go with the pearl ( moti). And how many carats do i need to wear it Both stones incase or just moti? They also asked me to wear emerald to strengthen my finances, is it a fact?

I have started going shani mandir and offering til and oil as well also i do a jaap of 108 of shani mantra. I will start following the rest as well now.

Thank You very much for your help, life has been very struggling for me since childhood for evrything, 25 Dec pointed by you was absolutely the date from where my problems worsened indeed. I have stop believing in miracles too now. Please guide me.