Hi Serpentine (would like to


Hi Serpentine (would like to know your real name)

Based on the birth detail given by you. You have born on thursday, the Elevanth day after full moon and star you born is Uttarabhadrapada(Gama Pegasi astronomical name) in Pisces zodiac.

If i start looking at your horoscope  you have Cancer as your ascendant. where the souther node of moon ( dragons tail/ Ketu) placed in ascendant due to which from your birth you are more insterested in search of mystical elements and powers. And you will be so much addicted that for every single moment you will start looking at how the celestial bodies puting their effect on you. And i can even see your parents are against for your this nature and you are spending your most of the energy and loosing your money in these matter.

And i could even see you been underwent sucidal stage because of some breakups / some personal issues. And i can also figure it out your fear for ghosts / black magic kind stuffs.

coming to your questions you may have heard this saying “Too many cooks spoil the cook” in the similar way if you wear all gemstone will give out adverse effects.

For your mental stability and calmnes( which i can find an major concern as of now from your horoscope) I would suggest at present just wearing pearl and ruby. And you can with out any problem you can wear with silver metal ring.

As per astrology / Science right hand ring finger nervers first connects to heart and brain in males and left hand for females. So my advice would be to wear on right hand finger for moon in index finger and ruby in ring finger.

All these predictions as based on our ancients Indian astrology. further guidance please reply back.


Srinivasa Temkar