Hi Sachin, Welcome to the


Hi Sachin,

Welcome to the forum.

You have provided here only your date of birth, to evaluate your chart i would require your time of birth and place of birth as well.

However on a quick note you have born in Bharani constellation under Aeries Zodiac based on your date of birth. Looking at this I would see from last year may i.e 2013 may onwards you are undergoing some kind of financial struck and unhappiness with your siblings, you being fully diverted towards spirutuality and godliness to get your problems solved. And from June 2011 you are undergoing huge hole in your income is concerned all of loss and you finding very tough time to gain even an single penny later from december 25 2012 onwards this case even got worst from your health upsets family upsets, partner ditching you, all these sorts of problems Above that you have become totally blank minded, too moodish, too lazy all these kind of problem you are undergoing.

Financial stability you should be finding 40% relief after mid of june this year. And you need to be very carefull that after november this year you will getting started with Astama Shani / Lagu sade sati, where for next 2.5 years you will be having some tough time. So from now onwards you need to start preparing for it by following shani remedies. And from august you will be having some huge losses in your pocket for next 1.5 year and during this period you are not adviced to start any business / partnership deals / job change.

Rest of the details would be given when you will provide me here with your full birth details.


Srinivasa Temkar