Hi Sachin Iyengar, As per


Hi Sachin Iyengar,

As per your birth details, you have born on Friday, under Mrigasira constellation 4th quadrant in Gemini zodiac and Aeries Ascendant.

As per your birth details, you are an positive attitude person, however you tend to be neither positive nor negative some time. And you are high tempermental person by mindset. At the same very lazy and stubborn person. You love investigating things more, digging the depth of secrets more and more. I can also see you having more interest in knowing the occult sciences more rathen than religious things. You personally hate or wont believe in idol worship at the same time spend money for religious things when you are under problems. At the same time you spend money in artisitc items, beauty items etc. And i can also see family side there were and now lots of problems, finanical and other related problems in family side. Home and materilistic comforts are less and have been gained after a very long time of struggle.

As per vimshottari you are running with shani maha dasha from march 2011 till march 2030. And i can see from last march 2011 till last month there were family oriented challenges, were there and last month 8th i can see there are some health issues have been arised based on some mental stresses. and credits / loans and health issues, will prevail till december 2017.

As per planetory transition you are having all sorts of problems from last year may and will be solved after mid of june this year 2014.

As jupiter is weak i wont recommend to wear yellow sapphire for planetory transit. It will get corrected automatically after mid of june 2014. I can see wearing yellow sapphire is not been benifitted to you. Can i know for what particular purpose you are looking for gemstone therapy?


Srinivasa Temkar