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Hi Sachidananda Nayak

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details provided by you, you have born on tuesday shravana constellation under Capricorn zodiac and Cancer Ascendant.

Looking at your birth details you are an negative attitude person and very calculative person and calculative mindset person. You see in everything that what is the benefit you are going to get if you do friendship / relationship with a person which sometimes be a reason for misunderstanding and separation. I can see you have faced quite a lot of breakups in your love life and even in married life you seems to be not happy with more frequent quarrel and breakups. You are finding more knifes from the government bodies for loan / credit repayments things. And even you have found financial losses and blood related problems in your life. Your tensions in life have caused you an hyper tension patient and diabetic patient.

As per vimshottar you are running with Shani maha dasha from last august 2013 till august 2032. As this dasha is not so favorable in the sense of luck factor is concerned. And due to delay in all sorts of work your hypertension will be at the higher level. And till august 2016 you will be having family related tough time and work life / service life oriented tough time.

As per your planetary positions from last may 2013 you were having huge financial trouble which will materialize by this June 2014 after 13th.

As yours zodiac is Capricorn so it is highly advised not to wear red coral, if you wear it, it will cause mental agony. To advice you relevant gemstone please provide me for what reason you want to go for gemstone therapy for?


Srinivasa Temkar