Hi Ravichandar, welcome to


Hi Ravichandar,

welcome to the forum

As per the birth details, you have born on wednesday punarvasu constellation Cancer zodiac and Virgo Ascendant.

Looking at your birth details you are negative thinking person and most of the time endup with two options even for simple things.i. e dual thinking. you are weak in numbers and you will get idea very lately after others get. You are religious in thinking and you are god fearing at the same time.

As per the vimshottari you are in venus maha dasha from last january 2004 till january 2024. And i can see from last march 2011 till last april 2014 you were having lots of tensions related to your financial things, health problems glucose levels, family issues, siblings tensions, property realted issues all. From last month you started finding some relief from your problems. 

As per planetory positions from from last 25th december 2012 you started facing family tensions and problems, which will get sorted after mid of july this year and from last may  2013 you started facing financial trouble which will be materialise after 13th of june this year. And after june this year till next year june the time would be not soo good as jupiter will trouble you in all means for rest one year. So i would advice you to follow Jupiter oriented remedial measures.

And please take from your mind that after wearing emerald and diamond you started facing lots of problems in 2012. As the problems were been caused due to vimshottari and planetory positions which are temporay. I think your astrologer would had prescribed white sapphire as you are running under venus maha dasha. which is not an good astrology way of healing.

It would be really better if you could mention for what purpose you are looking for gem therapy here?


Srinivasa Temkar