Hi Ravi, As per the birth


Hi Ravi,

As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on Wednesday under shravana constellation Capricon Zodiac and Cancer Ascendant.

As per your horoscope you are an negative attitude person, who is short tempered at the same time gets cool very soon say your anger will last for very few mins / hours. you being an aggressive person some times and some times damn slow person and its tough for people to understand you very clearly. You pick the initial pace of work quite quickly however fail to clear it and finish it well at the completion time. At the same time you are of highly fluctuating mindset. You can easily glorify the lie and present the lie in such a manner it should be treated as truth. Highly business minded person involved more in bad habits and friendships. Brilliant in business oriented stuffs. I can also see you suffer quite allot with health issues related to blood and bones related things.

As per your vimshottar is concerned you are running with Shani maha dasha from august 2011 and till august 2030. And i can see from last august 2011 you are having some health issues, partnership issues, family related problems and this should sorted out after this September 2014.

As per the planets transition from last year may you have faced allot of financial crisis which will become favorable to you after mid of june this year and from last 25th December 2012 you are facing quite allot of work / gain related issues stress and all other problems which should materalise after this mid of July 2014.

I think you would have been adviced to wear Gomed (hessonite garnet) and Diamond together for your credits and professional life? So it would be better if you could say for specific purpose you are looking for gem therapy?


Srinivasa Temkar