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As per your birth details you have born on Sunday under chitra constellation Virgo zodiac and Ascendant.

Looking at your horoscope, i can see you are getting sever blood related issues, skin related issues, bones related problems, mental agony or even some time migrans, even chest colds etc. And i can see you are highly fickle minded at the same time dual minded personality, no brave ness and every time doubt a allot and you are failed in your studies due to some bad friendships and bad habbits.

From last march 2014 you have imporved in your health issues and you are thinking of going to some work as well. And for your studies continuty you will be doing after 20th of march 2015 till march 2018. During this period you will finish your education and even health issues will recover. However you health issues will prevail till your lifetime as deadly enemies mars and saturn and sun and saturn and mars and mercury all the enemies are placed in 7th house. So health issues will be there like this only slight improvements can be expected during good times. Just wearing pearl is not going to help you up.


Srinivasa Temkar