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HI Raunak kolte,

As per your birth details provided here, you are born on Saturday in swati constellation 4th quadrant under Libra zodiac and Gemini Ascendant.

As per your birth details you are an positive atttitude person and born fighter as if trained enough to fight with the problems. I can see you being technological very sound, however as far your IT or software filed is concerned you will do mistake most of the time especially during the crucial times or at the end moment. And another reason for this is also your nature of dual mindset. Every time you will have two options left for any work / issue. Even small things you are person who treat it more complicated manner. You are having two different nature, some times you will be very much GOD fearing, very respectable to elders and teachers and some times you will totally opposite to it like behaving very rudely and arrogantly and even some times you will be very much lonely. And i can see you as a person very moodly. And you mingle with very minimal people. As far your profession is concerned you will be having average development. I can see even the families materlistic comforts also not up to mark. And maximum of the house hold stuffs are been brought with lot of difficulty. And i can see in your house you will be having for the same work two different products which are one better than other. You are having Gaja kesari yog in your 5th house,which shows your previous janam’s balance is very good. And definately it will give out the results in this janam. And even to make your very own property or vehicle you will have to fight allot and maximum you will not be benifited with these things in life.

As per the vimshottari you are running with Shani maha dasha from march 2002 till march 2021. And this entire period is not so favourable to you. From last month 10th you are having some sort of relaxation period compared to last time and the same thing will remain till august this year.After which still the time is not so well for you till august 2018 later it is better for you.

As per planetory transit i can see the main route cause for your present problem which is Sade sati which is running from last 4 years. And from last 2 years you are finding more tough time and this because your dasha was also saturn and i can see during this period you have suffered allot of family financial mental agony all sorts of problem. And this sade sati will stay with you for another 3 years. However after 1.5 years you start getting results for your good deeds if you have done during this testng time from lord saturn. So my advice to you would be do as much good deeds in your life this time. Dont trouble anybody get blessings as far as possible then only you can get some good things during result period of sade sati. Apart from this i can see after 25th december 2012 you are having very much stressfull of life. Very much of tensions which can’t at all be explained all sorts of problems you had faced and you will get little bit of relief after this july this year 2014.

What i would advice for your financial stability to wear pearl to your right hand little finger on auspicious muhurtham. I am telling you now itself it wont do any miracles to you however it will try to have a good mindset and gives you strength mentally to fight these situations. And gives you ability to face the situation which is more tough in coming period.

You have follow along with this Shani remedial measures which are as below:-

1. Chant every day evening for atleast 8 times the below mantra after bathing and after 6.30pm facing west.



2. Every saturdays visit hanuman / shanishwara temple and offer  black sessame seeds light lamp in the number of 8 in count.

3. on the same day read hanuman chalisa once.

4. Every day morning before you leave to the office, heat the iron tawa and later sprinkle few drops of milk on it by chanting the above mantra for 8 times. And then leave the home.

If you follow all the above then i will assure you can get relief of atleast 50 to 60% which you are right now. And for you at  this moment even 1 % would be more beneficial what i can see.


Srinivasa Temkar