Hi Raju Ahmed, Welcome to the


Hi Raju Ahmed,

Welcome to the forum.

Golden Topaz (Yellow Topaz) is a natural substitue gemstone for yellow sapphire and more over it won’t be a good idea to wear golden topaz with emerald as this will give out negative results or it suppresses the effects which you were receiving it from emerald till now.

However I can suggest you properly after looking at your details. Are you sure about your Date of Birth? If you are sure with your date of birth, then can you tell me (think) of any number between 1 to 249 before telling me. First, pray your family GOD, favorite GOD and then think which ever number between 1 to 249 flashes your mind first.

I will predict you using lost horoscopy and horary branch of astrology.


Srinivasa Temkar