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Hi Pavithra,

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details, you have born on wednesday, under Moola constellation 1st quadrant and Saggitarious Zodiac and Leo Ascendant.

As per your husband’s details provided by you, he has born on Friday, under Revati constellation 2nd quadrant and Pisces Zodiac and Ascendant.

As per the details provided by you, The star compatability is 21 out of 36 gunas which is 60% out of 100%. And as per the horoscope match is concerned your husband is more manglik than you say he is manglik of 100% and you being 30%. And as per the horoscope is concerned if i would have given to match i would have rejected this match reason it has some more doshas when marriage takes place.

As per your both’s birth details, you are positive attitude person and your husband negative attitude person. You are person sticking to firm decisions in point of life, and your husband will be of dual thoughts and dual mindset person. At the same time he is highly flucating personality, like every few minutes he will be changing his mindset. Where as you, you being doubty and wicked mindset person, every time even for small things you will be digging around it, trying to know about it even if there is no such things. In simple words you mind set is like CID everytime want to find some thing about people especially about your husband, where he goes what he does. Your husband is short tempered and at the same time very much stubborn in nature. Where as you are also short tempered at the same time you are mind changer and you being arrogant in mindset.

I hope both of yours would be love marriage / love cum arrange marriage. And both of you are having severe putra dosha. And especially your husband is have little more than you and at the same time he is having pitru dosha as well. Where as you along with putra dosh you are having matru dosh. I can see you had misbehaved with your mom in previous birth and got curse from her. And your husband had misbehaved with his dad in his previous birth and got curse from him. Along with this you both have killed snake in your previous janams / incarnation. And the snake spirit is not giving you any child / progeny in this birth.

I can’t understand if it is been arranged who had set and certified both matches well with out studying horoscopes properly. I really pitty for you both. I can see lots of problems due to misunderstandings, ego, anger between you guys. I can see even he is having some health issues pertaining to mars and shani. And he can’t be happy in married life and any partnerships.

Before predicting any thing about your progeny can you please mention your marriage date, time (mangalya dharan timings exact) andn place?


Srinivasa Temkar