Hi Pavithra, The birth


Hi Pavithra,

The birth details of the person provided by you here, this person is born on tuesday purva phalguni constellation under Leo zodiac and Saggitarious Ascendant.

Looking at the details this person is postive attitude person and a real fighter for the things and she will fight for the things which she need till her last breath. This person tends to be god fearing some times and some time very much of modern thinking and wont believe in GOD. So for the people to understand this person is too tough. This person will be having two options every time even for silly matters. This person cant go against justice and fights for it as well. Due to this, this person will be weak in bargaining things and shows concerns for the marketer. This person like to go for love cum arrange marriage, however possibilites are more for arrange marriage. One thing which i would like to make clear as this person wont have happy married life. This person will be having married life problems in future.

Right now the chances of getting selected is quite less and you will get selected if you try after november this year 2014. As per the planetory transit shows that you will stay away and earn from your home town after mid of july this year, so if you plan to go back to chennai now you may end up with job less so better would be to stay back in bangalore and continue you work.

For your higher studies is concerned you can go for moonstone to your left hand ring finger of 2 carat or more. on an auspicious muhurtham and after properly energising it.


Srinivasa Temkar