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As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on thursday under shravana constellation capricon zodiac and Taurus Ascendant.

Looking at your horoscope, you are negative attitude person with spiritual thinking and more of doubting mentality. I would like to make you one thing clear here, which you need to accept which is regarding your career which wont be impressive upliftment for your entire life. And you have Rahu and ketu dosh if proper remedial measure is not been followed before marriage it may lead to separation in future.

As per vimshottari you have better chances for marriage after march next year 2015. And if it get sets after this mid of june 2014 try to avoid marriage dates from 18 th of jan 2015 till 6th of march 2015.

As per planetory positions from last year may you didnt had favourable jupiter which is very much required for one’s finding of good aliance and for marriage. And you will start with good jupiter from thie year after 13th of june 2014.

Wearing ruby and yellow sapphire will help you with health issues and luck factor only and nothing else. And for your set above problems these gemstones not going to fuel you in any manner. To know for more regarding remedies you can turn back to me again with your requirements.


Srinivasa Temkar