Hi Musale, As per you birth


Hi Musale,

As per you birth details provided here, you have born on Sunday, Sagittarius Ascendant and Zodiac, with Uttarashada constellation in 1st quadrant.

Looking through your horoscope, I can see your health will be varying every 15 days. You will always get two options  / soultions each time for any problem and might end up with a wrong selection. I can also see you are finding lot of ups and down in your work like / service life i.e. you cannot stay in any one particular job / organisation and undergoing huge credits with very low income since July 1998. I can also see you were almost managable in completing your schooling, however found lot of obstacles in selection / completing your bachelors.

I can also see that you are multi-talented in your work life, doing many work however you couldn’t master in anyone of those. And you have more hidden enemies who are not encouraging you to come up in your career. And apart from this I can even see you are been addicted to bad habits more from July 1998; which is also a reason for your problem.

Due to mercury being combust and being retrograded, you will be intelligent in thinking wrong way rather than right way. Apart from this I also see your marriage have been a problem.

The tough time will reduce for at least 40-50% after July 15, 2016; so till that you have to be little cautious in selection of work; if already in work try to stick to it, don’t unnecessarily leave / quit. And from November 2014 ‘sade sati shani’ will start. So you have to do some remedies to at least gain some strength for the coming days. 

Coming to the gemstones; your astrologer must have advised ruby and emerald for your professional life. And I am very much sure these will not work well if you are working under some one as an employee.

So can you please confirm me about your work life so that I can advice you the right gemstone and other remedies to reduce your stree and problem to a certain extent.


Srinivasa Temkar