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Hi Mukulpalni 

My partner broke up with me few days ago. Till early this year he was begging for chances and came with promises. And mid this year things changed and seemed like everything was cursed.


Will you be able to help me if I provide both our birth details? I did look up with an astrologer and he said that my partner will propose to me this December or July 2016. And we will get married Feb 2017 or Dec 2017.


Although just few days ago he left saying he doesn’t not love me or wants to be with me and that he would never return.


Could you please check our birth details and confirm to me if he would return and things would work out as predicted by the other astrologer?  I would really appreciate your help in this regard..


My birth details are as below:

Dob: 12th April 1987

Time: 2.20 am sharjah uae

His is as below:

DOB : 20th october 1989

Place of birth : Saudi Arabia 


Thanks in advance for your help.