Hi Max Payne, It always


Hi Max Payne,

It always better if you could share your birth details here in this forum, so that i should be able to figure it out what was the necessary made you to go for these gems. I can many of the astrologers who doesnt have good amount of knowledge they just tell general pattern of wearing which may be harmfull to you. 

And coming to your question now yes gomed and pearl are significatore of rahu( northen node of moon / dragons head) and moon respectively. First see the basic why you want to wear the gemstone. You wear the gemstones when the planets in your birth time are poisted in wrong positions giving out ill effects during their vimshottari. Lets go in to deep as rahu is an natural malefic shadowy planet (its not an planet scientifically) he creates more stress in ones life if he is malefic in horoscope. So when you wear hassonite garnet / gomed it will start releiving the stress not just by magic it will calms you down instead of aggression. So coming to Moon, even moon is an natural significator of our mind. So if he is not been poisted well / he is very near to dark moon status he will give out unstable mentality in an person’s life. if wear pearl you get an ability you control your mind well.

So now you should wear just pearl on an manner where you are indirectely controlling the adverse effects of ketu (dragons tail) and making yourself confident and calm. Hope this clarifies your doubt. Any further suggestions you can give out your birth details.


Srinivasa Temkar