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Hi Karthik,

As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on Thursday, under Aridra constellation Gemini zodiac and Taurus Ascendant.

As per the birth details you are an negative attitude person, very much calculative in your approach. And especially realted to love matters you calculate allot before getting commited to any one. You are at the same time very soft spoken and having very much confusion in your speach. 

As per vimshottari you are running under shani maha dasha from august 2000 till 2019. And this dasha is moderate to you. And not very harmfull to you. At present from last month you have started with rahu antardasha i can see slight family oriented tensions have been started and going to be there till jan 2017.

As per present planetory transition from last year may you are running with all other tensions and problems due to jupiters tranistion in your own zodiac gemini. It will get ok by mid of june this year.

Before suggesting you about any gemstone, could you please let me know for what purpose you want to go for gem therapy?


Srinivasa Temkar