Hi Jawwad, As per your birth


Hi Jawwad,

As per your birth details provided here, you have born on Sunday in Krittika constellation in 2nd quadrant under Taurus zodiac and Aeries ascendant.

You are an possitive attitued person, very lazy by nature. I can also see you being wavier in mindset and at the same time you speak very harsh, rude and you behave very arrogantly due to the placement of Northen node of moon  (Rahu / Dragons head) in second house associated with Moon. Most of the time your mind will get diverted towards wicked / harsh decisions, however your heart doesnt allow for that, you mind says not to do or tell those words, unfortunately you had already told that word and would have hurted the opposite person. I can also see you not respecting your parents and elders which also an triggering factor for the accident which you have mentioned above. And i can also see you having some love or relationship breakups as well. And at the same time the girl whom you marrying would have also an breakup in past. And you will find tough to earn your bread and butter, and you will go in search for this in many placess still you cant stick to one place due to Ketu or dragaons tail. placement.

You are running with rahu maha dasha from december 2003 and from this time you started changing fully behaving rudely, wickedly and arrogantly and which started pushing you back and back. 

As per planet transition you are having lossess and health and money related issues from december 25 2012, which is going to be good after mid of july this year 2014. My suggestion would be to wear white pearl in right hand index finger which will boost your income and will control your mindset as well.


Srinivasa Temkar