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How was your experience with the Pukharaj and white zircon?

Pukharaj and white zircon (for venus) shall not be put on together… and both of them would not bring you much benefit. You are libra ascendant and Jupiter is functional malefic. Jupiter being present in lagna (lord of 3rd and 6th house) would make you have weaker metabolism. 6th house  has moon (malefic) adds further to it. 

Venus being lord of lagna and 8th house, being present in 5th house… thought it’s mostly good, however its presence in 5th house would not let you use your knowledge wherever needed. You are supposed to something but land up doing anything else… and wrong. However, if you are artist, your art would be created out of agony, pain but still beautiful perspective for life…. It would be very unconventional and nice.

Ruby shall be strictly avoided since sun is lord of 11th house and present in 5th house with saturn and venus (enemy of sun)… since sun has very low degree.. it’s weak and it’s harmful effects are almost nil. If you have some speech problem… if so, it would reduce after the age of 23… 

Mars being karak planet and present in 4th house in sign of exaltation… since it’s directional strength is weak… I would recommend red coral (moonga) for you. 

I see a hint of sanyas yoga in your kundali… you are open to learn, there is no ego and your mind is open to the world… gets into trouble easily and troubled by enemies… such people learn a lot from life and start getting disconnected from the world.


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