Hi dipak11, According to your


Hi dipak11,

According to your horoscope you are Capricorn ascendant. You are born in the Poorvabhadrapada nakshatra. Avoid Ruby and Pearl gemstones.

Venus rules 5th house of offspring, intellectuality, etc and 10th house of career, profession, etc and hence Venus is a Yoga-Karaka in your horoscope. Venus is placed in the 1st house in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. You may wear a Diamond / White Sapphire / White Zircon / White Topaz in Right Ring finger in Silver / Platinum on a Friday of a shukla paksha.

Also currently you are running through Mercury Mahadasha. Mercury owns 6th house of debts, job, co-workers, etc. and the 9th house of luck, fortune, spirituality. You may wear Emerald / Peridot in Gold / Silver in Right Ring finger on a Wednesday of a shukla paksha.