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Hi Bajarag,

As per your birth details provided; you have born on Friday, Ashwini Nakshatra 2nd quadrant, under Mesh / Aries zodiac.

After studying your horoscope, I can see that you are suffering from diabetis, genetic organ problems, respiratory problem and cholestral issues due to Venus, Saturn and Jupiter respectively. Also, I can see your bones being weak and having blood related issues (heart) due to bad positions of Sun and Mars. 

I can see since March 1998; you started experiencing more misfortunes in your life, giving out more tensions. This has also triggered your health issues one by one. Referring to your planetory transitions , you are undergoing financial instability and depression in life from December-25-2012. Before that, you were able to manage quite well as Jupiter was fueling you well. However, since May (last year) even thats been an issue. Also, I can see from last month, you are having too much anxieties, sucidal tendencies and a lot of stress due to Mangal position – but this will end on this April.

I know you are already ruined by these planetary changes. Another prior notice for you, from this year November you will be under Lagu Sade Sati Shani (ill affects of Saturn) for the next 2.5 years. However, you need to be careful untill April 2016 (atleast) from where you will start seeing good things happening in your life as you will be started with Jupiter Vimshottari (maha dasha). Also, the tough time what you have been experiencing from last 15 years will come to an end. 🙂

I can suggest you few remedies apart from gemstone if your interested. Moreover, in this particular time ; even wearing gemstones won’t be effective (in my opinion). However, you can wear diamond for your health and financial upliftment.


Srinivasa Temkar