Hi arezou, As per your


Hi arezou,

As per your birthdetail provided by you, you have born on wednesday shravana constellation 1st quadrant under capricon zodiac and ascendant.

Referring your horoscope you being negative attitude person being fickle minded / varying mindset person at the same time being arogant, stubborn in nature. You wont be living happily with your family. And also having bad habbits at the same time GOD fearing. As the sun is debliated in your horoscope you will not stick to your words, you are a person who changes his words time by time. You will be very familiar with lieing, and you will be more known as liar itself. Most of the time you will diverted towards injustice / illeagal things and even your mindset will provoke you the same.

As per vimshottari you are running with rahu mahadasha from october 1999 till october 2017. I can see from last april 2011 you are ver much dissappointed and distracted and lost your complete patience due to the breakup in your relationship / affair. And you are finding allot of mental stress and i can see even you had sucidal tendancy as well during this period. You are being more attracted towards spirituality due to heavy hearted situation running. I can assure you, that you will definately come out of these mental agony after april this year 2014 i.e after next month. And some sort of relief and happiness after april this year till september 2016. 

As per your present planetory transition you are finding huge financial incapability from last year may, which should materalise and you start finding a right partner and good financial stability after this mid of june 2014.

I can’t understand who prescibed you like if you wear diamond and emerald you can reduce rahu’s effect? Before advicing your any gemstone can you please tell me for what purpose you want to go for gem therapy?


Srinivasa Temkar