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Hi Anuj Kotwal,

As per your birth details, you are born on wednesday, Ardra constellation 3rd quadrant Gemini zodiac, and Virgo Ascendant,

As per your birth details you are an negative attitude person, very intelligent in mindset, Quick in decision making, and innovative thinking. You are also an little short tempered person. Multi talented hobbied person. You talk quite allot romantice, you can attract opposite sex with your talk at the same you will make them sad with your wierd words when you are on off mood. You are very agressive in your decisions and over confident will put you in trouble. You are manglik 100% so if not married have to marry an manglik of equivallent quantity or if already married you need to control you tempermental and give importance to your wife’s words as well.

As per vimshottari you are running with shani maha dasha from june 2007 till june 2026. And i can see from last march 2013 you are having tensions created from your sibblings and even related to your financial things you are having ups and downs facing quite allot. And these things should materalise after 19th of this month.

As per present transit, from last year may you are having quite allot all sorts of problems you are facing, financial, work and family and it will get sorted after mid of june this year.

Can i know for what reason you need to go for gem therapy?


Srinivasa Temkar