Hi Anita, As per your birth


Hi Anita,

As per your birth details provided by you above, you have born on monday, under P.Asadh (Delta Sagittari) constellation and Saggitarious Zodiac (as per moon position in natal chart) and Acquarious as your Ascendant.

As per your chart, you are an positive attitude person, very pretty lady, you love your body and beauty allot. And by this beauty you have impressed quite allot men. However some time even you had faced some skin problems during which you had feeled quite allot on your beauty. You are very weak in numbers and most of the time your brain will think in different direction than it really has to be. I can also see you being arrogant, dont care mindset women at the same time during problematic times you will be very much diverted towards spirutualism. As per your horoscope, you are an highly desired and highly expected on your bed pleasures. And this is one of the area where you are lacking and fighting for it. I can see quite allot of dryness in your sexual life you had so far in your life. You will gain very quick excitment at the same you will become deadly slow in this matter. Even the married life is not so good here, more of misunderstanding and quarreling mainly for your bedroom related stuffs. As per your horoscope you are having Kala Sarpa yog / Dosh ( means all the planets have been arrested and in control by the dragons head and tail) and with this yog you will struggle hard for each and every thing to gain in your life. There will be lack of happiness and joy.

As per vimshottari, from may 2004 till may 2022 you are running with Rahu mahadasha during which you are feeling very much lonely, running with very high stressed life and lot more of tensions realted to marriage and even financial crisis lot of credit and couldn’t repy it all these things are happening. And i can see after this november  2014 there is also a breakup in the relationship so be cautious.

As per the planetory transition every thing seems to be ok and it had really helped you.

For your romance related things i would suggest you to wear red coral of 9 numbers in count and get it as  necklace and wear it to your neck and wear blue sapphire of 6 carat set in gold ring wear it to your left hand middle finger. Along with this you need to chant the below mantra every day early morning  during sunrise which is as below


And to increase your luck factor wear diamond of 6 cents set in gold ring on your left hand little finger.

However appart from all thes remedial measure still you will find little tough to get out of these things quickly due to the bad placements of Rahu (northen node of moon  / dragons head) and ketu ( southern node of moon  / dragons tail) So i would suggest you to avoid black, grey and mixed colors of more than 3 colored clothes for your life time. Along with this please do follow the below simple remedy through out your life.

Start feeding a black colored dog (pure black no other colored bands on it) and try to adopt it as well.


Srinivasa Temkar