Hi Anirban banerjee, Welcome


Hi Anirban banerjee,

Welcome to Gemstonebuzz forum.

Referring to your horoscope; Yes, you have born on Virgo/Kanya ascendant, Gemini zodiac and aridra constellation.

Looking at your horoscope what I can see is your Mars has been fully infected by Ketu (dragons tail/southern node of moon). Where Ketu is called chidrakaraka, means he creates holes where-ever he is been placed (with whoever associated). And in your horoscope, he has been associated with Mars who is natural significator of blood to the natal chart holder. 

According to your birth details provided, you have started getting health relatted issues since January 2012 and most propably got diagnoized and suffered from leptospirosis between June 2013 to August 2013. And regarding your blood pressure, it has started to rise due to tensions and stresses created by Rahu antar dasha. I can see your blood pressure is already started to come under control from last month after 20th. Regarding your health and financially upliftment, you should wait for another four months from now i.e. by July 2014 you are going to start a new life so don’t panic.

Coming to planatory transitions, right now you are having Jupiter on your own zodiac. And he as also started giving you trouble in all matters, especially financial matters since May 2013. So he is going to give you good effects after mid of July 2014. 

For betterment of your blood infections and to attain good health in future, I suggest you to wear Cats Eye gemstone anything beyond 2 carats.

And you need to do Sarpa Samskar as well, because I can see that from your Dad’s end or you yourself have seen somebody hitting snake (or you or people at your father’s side had killed snake in this incarnation itself). So its carrying that particular dosha in you. Reply back for the remedy of this.


Srinivasa Temkar