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Hi akshayakrath,

Problem in your job started close to 3 years back.

Looking at the Kundali, loss of job is not a bad thing that happened. It’s time for the change in your work, no surprise if you decided to leave the job or let it go because you thought it’s right thing.

Do you think, high ego and lack of hardwork led other played politics against you?

Running with Moon Maha Dasha and job loss occurred under Ketu’s maha dasha. I don’t think things are happening to put to down, but rather put you on right track. 

Your Atmakarak is Mars; the time is coming when your need to show courage and win over your fears, sudden anger. 2017, mars mahadasha is starting. In kaal purush kundali mars is well positioned and it’s in conjunction with Jupiter.

You have good chances of you get job by beginning of 2016.

Venus is your karakamsa, you need to become polite, jolly and fun loving in work place. You would remain unsettled in jobs until set to give-up on ego and let things go.. just have fun.

I would suggest you following:

1) put on 6 mukhi rudraksha If mala of multiple beeds with count of 9, 18, 27,36 …. even 1 would be fine. rudrablessings.com sells good quality rudraksha. Chant mantra “swami kartikey namah, om hreem hoom namah”. 108 times. This would give you courage and have stronger soul. 

2) Chant mantra “om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah” .. it’s not damaroo walla D rather, dawaayee walla D.

3) Wear Ruby. Help elderly people. devote sometime and money to oldage home. if there is any old person family in your family, be soft and serve them.