Hi Akash, I am listing out


Hi Akash,

I am listing out the general gemstones which are found to be effective for asthma:

1. Amber
2. Tiger’s Eye
3. Zoisite

Although, I don’t suggest you to wear these stones without consulting your full horoscope in detail with an astrologer.

Regarding your question; I would like to say, whenever a human is born he automatically gets influenced by all celestial bodies of the universe. This is verified by wonderful knowledge provided by our ancients sages and it is called Natal Chart or Horscope (which is based on birth time). It is possible to know about the ailments that a body has acquired during birth.

Now, regarding your Asthma problem; asthma is a disease which is caused due to incapability of chest to inhale/exhale properly. Astrologically, the 4th bhava/house is responsible for the well-being of a person’s chest. If natal’s 4th house is been occuped by Saturn which is cold/icy planet (naturally); then the person will suffer from chest related problems. In case of asthma, it is usually seen that the 4th house is infected by malefic planet (which narrows the air-passages in lungs).

Talking about Gem Therapy, the first step is to indentify the main disease causing planet. Based on that, the right gemstone has to be used as a cure (therapy). The gemstone has to be worn in form of a locket touching your chest portion. Once it is done, you will surely start feeling the difference. But please note that these remedies take longer time to cure as they are not medicines injected inside the body for instant relief (like alopathy).

Apart from astrological remedy, you can even use the right gems for medical therapy.

If you are interested in astrological remedy, please post your birth details below to analyse your case further.


Srinivasa Temkar