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Hello Sudipto,

welcome to the forum.

As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on tuesday under shravana constellation Capricon zodiac and scorpio as Ascendant.

The things you have shared above are all right and are caused due to the placement and combust of mars and venus and aspect of rahu your eduction was not good and it had very much hard period. One more thing for you finding a job is very very tough, so you need to pull out your laziness towards the work and you need to dedicatedly with concentration needs to work and not suppose to quit the job very soon. As you dont have guarenteed jobs in your horoscope and you have more yog of staying unemployed for longer period. You should have found the job till now from last month 19th till 27th this month. If you couldn’t find one, then you will find a job after 1st of septemeber till mid of october this year.

Above gemstones are ok, however i feel they are not been of good quality or its not been energised properly to get it worked.


Srinivasa Temkar