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Many of the astrologers wrong presumation is that if you have transit planets evil effects and if you wear that particular planet’s gemstone then it will correct the evil effects. Frankly speaking in that case every two days once moon will be in wrong position is it you wear pearl every two days once. Similary if you wear neelam now it doesn’t change any thing in your life, indeed it creates havoac in few parts of your life like your credits, service life, business etc. And it will create more problems in your house hold family issues.

Regarding emerald even i though of prescribing it however its combust, and i can see route cause for your professional life is mars and saturn. And you have to accept this truth because you cant have proper remedial measure for these planets when they have positioned in same house / bhava. Reason being you can’t follow both remedies and if you follow one’s remedial other start troubling you vice versa. So only as per indepth astrology i have prescribe you the pearl which can control the effects of mars as moon is its enemy for certain extent and also shani as well enemy for moon. So it will stop the effects of these planets and more over moon is your Dhana karaka where after properl y energising and wearing on particular auspicious muhurtham will help you to come out of the financial problems.

Yes i know you are facing problems from childhood and its because of few planets effects for which you can’t change their effects and its your faith. However be in good spirt why because you have your very good deeds done in your previous incarnation / janam. And now its your time to utilise those savings of your previous janam.

Along with the above remedies for shani you can also follow the below remedy as well along with others.

Take 8 coal pieces in number and visit some river flowing place and standing facing east pray the mantra specified above and  hold the coal piece between thumb and middle finger and chant for very piece 8 number of times beeja mantra of shani and flow it in river in the direction its flowing. and turnback to your home with out seeing it back.


Srinivasa Temkar