hello mr.srinivasa thanks a


hello mr.srinivasa

thanks a lot for the reading.

you are exactly right regarding my career,education and financial issues. my mothers health seems to be alright in good spirits & we always had a great relationship nothings changed except for financial issues which is troubling my dad, im married since 5years with a happy married life, my wife is understanding and is helping me too in this period financially.

the kala sarpa dosha nivarana was done in kukke subramaniam,karnataka, thats the only pooja that was done.

my reason for want of gemstone is improvement in my higher studies (masters) and finances thats causing all the tension in my family. And you are right after wearing pearl problems seems to have increased now that i look back on past year.

hope i have touched upon all your queries.

thanks again for your time.