Hello Jitender


Hello Jitender Chauhan,

Welcome to the forum.

As per the birth details you have born on sunday dhanishta constellation, Capricon Zodiac and Acquarious Ascendant.

Looking at your birth details you are an positive attitude person, pretty calculative in your every movement, short tempered, love yourself and your body and beauty. At the same time lazy minded person. Most of the time like to be with justice however you wont be towards justice and most of the time indulge in unjustice full works. You are showing concerns about your dad, however i can see you were not so close with your dad and every time you used to be against to his decision for you.

Looking at your girlfriend birth details and yours, i can see both of totally opposite mentality, she is also calculative however gives more important to her parents first than you, but you forget about your parents and given importance to her first. In love life she used to start quarelling even for silly matter first with you and try to go out from you more times and not this is the first time. And you are more tempted towards taking relationship further with physical bondage, however she is not so supportive for that. And she most probably go with her parents guardians well and wish and she use love relationship as time pass most of the time. And i wont feel you are so disturbed because of her detachment, you are mostly disturbed due to the problems other than this. And you definitely get another girl and you will be in love with her for sure very soon.

Even compatability wise both doesn’t match with respect to nadi and you have nadi dosh at the same time you are more manglik than your girl friend so match is just 50. 50 which should be proceeded and she wont turn back to you.

As per vimshottari your dad related  health issues and your breakups has occured from last last year november 2013 and this particular issues have vanished from last march 2014. From april you are having little mental strain due to your girl friend issues and financial issues.

As per planetory positions from last may 2013 you had some really bad time regarding relationship and financial situations. And from mid of june this year you should be fine with these temporary planetory effects.


Srinivasa Temkar