Hello Bajarangji, Thanks alot

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Hello Bajarangji,

Thanks alot for your response and for your feedback about my predictions. 

Coming to the solutions for your problem; as your name says “Bajarang”, you should start reading Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday after 6.30pm from now on. This will give you strength to resist the adverse affect of Sade Sati which is gona start by November 2014. 

Apart from this; to come out of present stress level, you should visit Ganesha temple every Tuesdays for alteast 9 weeks and offer Puja and pray for upcoming the difficulties. Along with this, you should visit Durga temple every Friday’s  and Hanuman / Shanishwar temple on Saturdays.

Along with this you can chant the below mantras:

OM DRAM DREEM DROUM SHA SHUKRAYA NAMAHA!!!  – min. 6 times in morning (everyday)

OM BHRAM BHREEM BHROUM SHA RAHAVE NAMAHA!!!  – min. 4 times in evening (everyday)

OM SRAAM SREEM SROUM SHA KETAVE NAMAHA!!!  – min. 7 times in morning (everyday)

OM HRAAM HREEM HROUM SHA SURYAYA NAMAHA!!! – min. 10 times in morning (everyday) along with SURYA NAMASKAR

OM PRAM PREEM PROUM SHA SHANISHCHARAYA NAMAHA!!! – min. 6 times in evening after 6:30 PM (everyday)

OM KRAM KREEM KROUM SHA BHOUMAYA NAMAHA!!! – min. 9 times in morning (everyday) after SURYA NAMASKAR

And as per above suggestion please DON’T wear the Blue Sapphire as it will definately damage your mental agony and degrade your health further. Reason being, you are born in Aeries zodiac, whose lord is Mars who is an deadly enemy to Saturn (as per our ancient sages- excluding lal kitab) . 

Regarding gemstone, you can go for an alternative to diamond which is White Zircon (only faceted gem NOT cabochons) atleast 2-6 carat. Pleas make sure you get AAA clarity zircon stone, only then you can find little more life out of the gem and find it effective (and its not very expensive as well). No other gemstones are suitable for you at this moment.

If you are planning to buy a gemstone, come back here for the right auspicous Muhurtham which you can find only once or twice by luck in an year 🙂


Srinivasa Temkar