@Gunindra Bora You are born


@Gunindra Bora

You are born in Dhanishtha Nakshatra with Sagittarius rising and Moon placed in CApricorn. Presently you are undergoing JUpiter dasha and Mercury Antardasha ending in August’2014.

Let us analyze your chart on the basis of some significant yogas related to education / higher education.

Brahman Yoga: Partially applicable as per your Moon Chart and Lagna Chart.

Saraswathi Yoga: Partially applicable in your chart.

Kalanithi Yoga: Conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter is not there but both are place angular. Venus is be exalted. Thus, applicable.

Sanga Yoga: is completely applicable . According to this when the 5th and 6th house lord are in conjunction then the native will be disciplined, knowledgeable and will definitely get higher education like Masters/PhD.

Budhatitya Yoga is also effective in your chart as it is formed in the 2nd house from Moon.  

Thenus Yoga is also applicable as Saturn the lord of 2nd house from Ascendant is exalted.

Looking to your chart overall you are fortunate to complete your higher education. Although the completion will happen during Venus ANtardasha which will exist from August’2015 to April’2018.

You should wear Yellow Sapphire in your right hand index finger and also 3,4,5,6,8  Mukhi Rudraksh in red thread around your neck for subsiding the malefic planetary effects.

WIshing you Good Luck,